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Wheel & Tire Brush

Wheel & Tire Brush

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The Wheel & Tire Brush is a versatile brush perfect for deep cleaning wheels without compromising safety. With its extremely soft synthetic bristles, rest assured that you will not create severe scratches onto your vehicle's shoes!


-Soft feathered synthetic bristles
-Flogged chemical resistant bristles
-Highly effective for wheel brake dust and grime removal
-Great for wheels, undercarriages, inner fenders


To clean wheels:
-Use with soap and water to clean wheels or tires.

For tire dressings:
1. Apply a liberal amount of dressing to brush

2. Apply dressing evenly to tires using brush until you achieve desired coverage.

Professional Tips

Exceptional for applying tire dressings, especially on larger tires!


-Soft bristles

Package Quantity

1 x wheel & tire brush

Care Guide

Rinse brush thoroughly have each use till water runs clear.

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