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Tire Dressing Applicator Brush

Tire Dressing Applicator Brush

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The Tire Dressing Applicator Brush is a revolutionary brush that ensures effortless and accurate application of tire dressing. Where this applicator brush exceeds expectation is in its ability to thoroughly ensure tire dressing coverage in tires' sidewall grooves.


This brush seems unnecessary until it's added into your detail arsenal. By featuring a unique blend of ultra-fine nylon bristles, this brush will allow you to apply Dressed Out uniformly. The premium ergonomic handle will allow you comfortably grasp the brush ensuring easy maneuvering.

-Mess-free application
-Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip & easy superior control
-Soft, sleek, & durable nylon bristles
-Uniform and thorough application
-Use wet or dry
-Acid & alkali resistant


1. Hold the Tire Dressing Applicator Brush with the bristles facing upwards.
2. Apply dressing onto bristles. Prime bristles by gently rubbing dressing around bristles.
3. Using brush, apply dressing onto tires evenly.

Professional Tips

Compatible with water-based chemicals only. Do NOT use solvent or oil-based chemicals, as they may damage bristles.


-ABS + TPP Bristle
-Height: 2 in.
-Weight: 0.2lbs
-Diameter: 2 in.
-Bristle Height: 0.5

Package Quantity

1 x Tire Dressing Applicator Brush

Care Guide

After use:
Rinse thoroughly with running water. Gentle squeeze bristles to remove excess water. Lightly pat bristles with soft microfiber towel. Allow brush to hang upside-down (bristles downward) to allow water to drain.

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