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Revivify Exterior Detailer

Revivify Exterior Detailer

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To restore new energy or give new life to.

Clean, protect, & shine with our all-in-one waterless wash, detail spray, and ceramic coating maintenance spray.


- A graphene-infused waterless wash, spray-on detailer, and ceramic coating maintenance spray. The soaps & wetting agents found in Revivify safely emulsify dirt & grime. Also, the Si02 (silica) compound in Revivify creates a ceramic coating-like hydrophobic water beading behavior on surfaces that lasts months.

-Use Revivify as a standalone detail spray or on a ceramic coated vehicle to promote insane gloss.

*Safe for use on exterior paint, wheels, plastics, glass, & chrome.*



1. Spray onto surface & allow to dwell (not dry).

2. Spray lightly onto plush microfiber towel.

3. Gently wipe surface in a horizontal, overlapping manner.

4. Remove any remaining residue with a second microfiber cloth.

Professional Tips

-For ease of use,  use in cool environment on cool surface. However, Revivify may be used in the direct sun.

-Apply Revivify after every car wash to boost and revitalize your vehicle's exterior protection.


16 oz

Package Quantity

1 x 16oz. Revivify  w/ Sprayer

Care Guide

Shake lightly before use.

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