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Mini Saver Applicator

Mini Saver Applicator

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The Mini Saver Applicator is the solution to users who want an applicator that will not soak in tons of product. By adding a hydrophobic layer of material in the applicator, excess product will not absorb due to this barrier.  

*Pre-washed & ready to use straight out of packaging.


The Mini Saver Applicator prevents excess build up which will minimize the wasting of your valuable products! Also, by limiting the amount of product that can be absorbed, this applicator will not become gummy and tacky unlike other traditional microfiber applicators. Grab a Mini Saver Applicator to get better spread with less product! Great for ceramic coating & dressing applications.


1. Apply small amount of product to applicator.

2. Apply to surface.

Professional Tips

-The two tone sides function exactly the same.

-Use one side to apply desired number of tire dressing coats. After allowing coat(s) to completely dry, use unused side of applicator to level off any remaining residue.


-Length: 3''
-Width: 1.5''
-Height: 1.5''
-Hydrophobic internal barrier to prevent product extra product absorption

Package Quantity

1 x Mini Saver Applicator

Care Guide

After use, immediately soak in hot water with free & clear laundry detergent or dedicated microfiber detergent. Let soak for minimum 24 hours.

Machine wash in hot or warm water with dedicated detergent. Never use detergent that contains dyes or fragrances, bleach, or fabric softeners, as this will clog the fibers and vastly reduce performance.

Dry applicator by air drying or air fluff if using dryer machine. Never dry applicator using any heat and never use dryer sheets.

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