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Microfiber Bug Sponge

Microfiber Bug Sponge

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The Microfiber Bug Sponge is an excellent choice for tackling stubborn bug remnants, tar, and tree sap.

*Pre-washed & ready to use straight out of packaging.


The power of the Microfiber Bug Sponge lies in its material: doubled layered microfiber mesh. Unlike other sponges that are entirely too abrasive for automotive exterior surfaces, be confident this sponge is clear-coat safe with utilized with a lubrication such as soap, APC, or bug remover. 

-Provides extra scrubbing pad a normal wash pad/mitt won't 
-Perfect for removing stubborn debris or bug remnants from exterior surfaces
-Will fit perfectly into the palm of your hand


1. Pretreat soil area(s) with proper chemical (tar & sap remover, all purpose cleaner, etc.). Let product dwell, but not dry.

2. Spray soap or vehicle or soak sponge in soak.

3. Use sponge to agitate contaminated surfaces until desired results.

Professional Tips

If you plan to go straight to town with this sponge on bugs, tar, or tree soap without pretreating the areas first, the sponge will not be as effective as you will like. 

Pretreat the areas first with a suitable chemical or soap, allow it to dwell for a  couple minutes, then utilize the sponge to remove. 


-Length: 6.5''
-Width: 3.5''
-Height: 1.5''
-High density
-Unique double layer microfiber mesh structure

Package Quantity

1 x Microfiber Bug Sponge

Care Guide

After use, immediately soak in hot water with free & clear laundry detergent or dedicated microfiber detergent. Let soak for minimum 24 hours.

Machine wash in hot or warm water with dedicated detergent. Never use detergent that contains dyes or fragrances, bleach, or fabric softeners, as this will clog the fibers and vastly reduce performance.

Dry sponge by air drying or air fluff if using dryer machine. Never dry sponge using any heat and never use dryer sheets.

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