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Lusso Snow Shampoo

Lusso Snow Shampoo

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A pH-balanced soap that is tough on dirt & grime, yet delicate enough to ensure any existing wax, sealant, or coating is not stripped.



An ultra concentrated pH balanced soap that safely cleanses without stripping waxes, sealants, or coatings.

Lusso Snow is formulated with the finest blend of biodegradable soaps and intensified surfactants that easily loosen and lift dirt and grime with ease. The enhanced foaming action ensures an abundance of lubrication to promote a scratch-free wash that also easily rinses.

You will be left with a clean, residue-free, slick vehicle that is "straight off the showroom floor"!


Mix 1/2 ounce of Lusso Snow per gallon of water (1:256).

Foam cannon: 1-2 ounces
(more soap=more foam)

Professional Tips

The two-bucket wash method is the best practice to safely and effectively clean your vehicle without inflicting swirls or scratches into your paint.

It is recommended to apply a wax or sealant such as Revivify after each wast to keep your vehicle clean & protected longer.



Package Quantity

1 x 16 oz Lusso Snow

Care Guide

Keep cap dispenser closed while not in use.

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