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Large Ultra Soft Brush

Large Ultra Soft Brush

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The Large Ultra Soft Hair Brush is one of the most necessary tools in the detail industry. When tackling exterior detail jobs, this brush will allow you to get in the cracks and crevices that a towel alone will not. The ultra soft synthetic bristles  provide you with a safe, non-abrasive brush that will clean without scratching or marring


This brush was designed with consideration to the delicacy of exterior painted surfaces and interior gloss black panels. Get the scrubbing and agitation you want without scratching up surfaces. 

-Ergonomic designed handle
-TriGrip Brush Line
-Chemical resistant handle and bristles
-Extremely soft bristles 
-Metal free construction to prevent scratching

Best Suited For:

-Interior delicate painted surfaces
-Exterior emblems 
-Lug Nuts


-Use brush to lightly agitate delicate surfaces.

Professional Tips

-Use this brush for instrument and panel dusting while vacuuming. Also, extremely effective around badges and emblems without marring surfaces unlike the Boar's Hair Brush.

-If using on exterior surfaces, the best practice is to use with a soap to provide lubrication to further ensure no scratching occurs.


-Length: 9''
-Soft synthetic bristles

Package Quantity

1 x Large Ultra Soft Brush

Care Guide

Rinse brush thoroughly after use until water runs clear. Pat brush on microfiber towel to dry. Sit brush with bristles facing downward to allow any remaining water to drain from bristles.

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