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Large Drying Towel

Large Drying Towel

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The absolute last drying towel you will ever need to purchase. The large twisted loop drying microfiber towel is 1400 gsm, meaning that it is one the most absorbent drying towels on the market. A superior scratch-free towel that simply requires you to hold two ends of the towel and pull across the surface. No need to apply pressure!

*Pre-washed & ready to use straight out of packaging.


This towel is a game changer! If you are in a situation in which air drying your vehicle is not feasible, or you just prefer to dry with a towel, look no further! This towel will allow you to dry two vehicles, at minimum, back-to-back, no questions asked! 

-Insanely absorbent
-Dual sided use provides more drying capabilities
-Twist loop towel
-Long, double sided ultra piles


Once vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned, after final rinse simply open towel up and lay across vehicle surfaces.

Without force or pressure, lightly pull the towel across surface.

DO NOT allow towel to fall to the ground, as the towel fibers will trap dirt & debris which will scratch painted surfaces if used on the vehicle

Professional Tips

*Not recommended and not necessary to use with any detail spray, sealants, or waxes. Do not let these chemicals dry in the towel.

However, If you prefer to use the drying towel in conjunction with a drying aid, such as Revivify, it is ESSENTIAL to provide towel care immediately after use.


-80% polyester, 20% polyamide
-35'' x 28''

Package Quantity

1 x Large Drying Towel

Care Guide

After use, immediately soak in hot water with free & clear laundry detergent or dedicated microfiber detergent. Let soak for minimum 24 hours.

Machine wash in hot or warm water with dedicated detergent. Never use detergent that contains dyes or fragrances, bleach, or fabric softeners, as this will clog the fibers and vastly reduce performance.

Dry towel by air drying or air fluff if using dryer machine. Never dry towel using any heat and never use dryer sheets.

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