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Large Boar Hair Brush

Large Boar Hair Brush

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The Large Boar Hair Brush is one of the most necessary tools in the detail industry. When tackling interior detail jobs, this brush will allow you to get in the cracks and crevices that a towel alone will not. The boars bristle are durable and coarse which will offer a deep cleaning on surfaces.


-Ergonomic designed handle
-Textured grip
-Balanced grip to promote maximum comfortability and to minimize hand fatigue
-Chemical resistant handle and bristles

Best suited for:

-Interior surfaces
-Engine bays


1. Lightly spray Clean N' Sheen or all purpose cleaner onto surface. If area is delicate, such as an electronics surface, spray directly onto brush bristles.

2. Lightly agitate surface with brush.

3. Wipe clean with microfiber towel.

Professional Tips

Use with Clean N'Sheen to spread chemical into cracks and crevices for a more detailed cleaning.


-Length: 9.5''
-Heavy duty coarse bristles

Package Quantity

1 x Large Boar Hair Brush

Care Guide

Rinse brush thoroughly after use until water runs clear. Pat brush on microfiber towel to dry. Sit brush with bristles facing downward to allow any remaining water to drain from bristles. 

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