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Fluff & Hair Remover

Fluff & Hair Remover

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The Fluff & Hair Remover is a professional grade tool perfect for teaming up with your vacuum. Its ergonomic design and doubled layered silica brushes make this tool the weapon of choice when dealing with stubborn hair and fluff.


We get it...your pets rides along with you often. No problem. 

This effective tool quickly aids in freeing up hair and fluff that is embedded in carpet or on upholstery. The dual silica lips ensure no hair is left behind. May be used wet or dry. 

For use on:
-Cloth seats
-Floor mats
-Trimmed cargo areas


"Rake" or brush hair/fluff into a pile, then vacuum collection of hair and fluff.

Professional Tips

Lightly mist carpet with all purpose cleaner prior to vacuuming. Use this tool to brush hair and fluff to one section and vacuum it up!


-Dual rubber lip
-Silicone-like material

Package Quantity

1 x Fluff & Hair Remover

Care Guide

Rinse with water after use.

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