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Edgeless Korean Microfiber 500gsm Towel

Edgeless Korean Microfiber 500gsm Towel

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The Edgeless Korean Towel is a premium microfiber towel that performs exceptionally on paint when used for detail sprays, waterless washes, or final wipes. The edgeless ends ensures that this towel minimizes any chances of scratching when used appropriately.

*Pre-washed & ready to use straight out of packaging.


Once you feel these towel, you will never want to use another on your paint.

-Ultrasonic hot cutting edge technology...No edges!
-Ultra absorbant
-Lint free
-Insanely soft & plush


1. Start with a clean towel. Make sure you inspect it carefully for dirt or debris.

2. Fold the towel in half. Then fold the towel in half again.

3. You have now folded the microfiber towel into quarters, meaning you have 8 clean sides. Continuously flip your sides over as needed depending on debris build up.

*This helps to limit the number of towels you use, which increases your efficiency and lowers your costs. You will also have much better control over a properly folded towel and will introduce less marring or damage to the paint or surfaces as you detail.

Professional Tips

-If fraying occurs, simply snip loose ends with scissors and continue use.

-Keep your towels separated by job...towels for your paint should never be mixed with wheel towels .


-16''x 16''
-80% Polyester / 30% Polyamide

Package Quantity

1 x Edgeless Korean Microfiber Towel

Care Guide

After use, immediately soak in hot water with free & clear laundry detergent or dedicated microfiber detergent. Let soak for minimum 24 hours.

Machine wash in hot or warm water with dedicated detergent. Never use detergent that contains dyes or fragrances, bleach, or fabric softeners, as this will clog the fibers and vastly reduce performance.

Dry towel by air drying or air fluff if using dryer machine. Never dry towel using any heat and never use dryer sheets.

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