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Drill Brush Set

Drill Brush Set

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Drill brushes are by far one of the most practical and innovative tools utilized in the car care industry. Once connected to your drill, it will allow you to gently agitate carpet and fabric or leather seats with ease. You need this set in your arsenal! 

Drill is for demonstration purposes and is NOT included or for sale. 


Now, you have the ability to deeply scrub and agitate carpet, leather, and upholstery without exhausting your arms. Instead, grab a corded or cordless drill, attach the needed brush, and let the drill do the work!

-Save time & effort
-Exceptional for carpet & upholstery cleaning 
-An attachment for every job


1. Spray surface with appropriate chemical.
2. Use drill brush attachments as needed.
3. Either blot surface with dry microfiber or use an upholstery extractor.

Professional Tips

Having a hard time vacuuming carpet? If dealing with stubborn carpet, lightly miss some all purpose cleaner on the working area. Next, use a drill attach to agitate and loosen dirt and sand. Finally, vacuum up loosened dirt. 


Soft bristles

Package Quantity

Package Quantity: 1 x Set of 4 Pcs Brushes

Care Guide

Run water through bristles till water is clear. 
Let air dry.

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