How Do I Prep Tires for Tire Dressing?

How Do I Prep Tires for Tire Dressing?

How Do I Properly Prep My Tires & Dress Them?

So you bought Dressed Out huh? Awesome!
Follow these steps listed below to ensure you get the best performance out of our dressing!
What you need:

Step 1

Rinse wheel thoroughly to remove any loose dirt.

Step 2

Apply a tire & wheel cleaner. Allow the product to do its job for a minute or so. Do not let it dry though! Always follow directions listed on label. Look at how the white foam turned brown once it attacked the dirt!

Step 3

Allow the product to work. A personal recommendation is to foam down the wheel  once it looks like the product is drying out. This will help to extend the chemicals' dwell time.

Step 4

Now, it's time to detail, focusing on the tire, rim face, AND rim barrel. Hey, we're detailers here...every crevice counts, do it right! Ensure you are using the appropriate brushes. Rinse after thoroughly cleaning.

Step 5

Repeat step 4 as needed. As you can see, when the tire cleaner was applied to the tire again, the chemical did not brown as drastically this time. However, the tire was still scrubbed again. Rinse again.

Step 6

Dry tire completely and inspect. There should be no browning on the tire at this point. If there is still browning, go back to step 4 and so on.

Step 7 (optional, but highly recommended)

Grab some Stoner Terminator and a rag you don't care about much. If you picked up a microfiber towel from us, it is NOT recommended to use it for this. 
Apply Terminator to the rag and wipe the tire. This will remove any remaining old dressing and grease, ensuring the tire is ready for Dressed Out.

Step 8

Now to the fun! Grab Dressed Out and an applicator. Apply an adequate amount of product to the applicator and apply one coat to tire evenly. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes before driving. 
The first layer will appear matte. If you are happy with the finish stop here. If you want more gloss, proceed!

Step 9 (optional, but for more gloss)

Ensure tire is completely dry by touching tire. If some residue comes off onto your glove, the tire is still absorbing the dressing. Wait a little longer. Once completely dry, proceed.
Apply another layer of Dressed Out, as discussed in step 8.

Step 10

Rotate your tire by driving the vehicle slightly forward or backward. You want to ensure that you covered the entire tire evenly with Dressed Out. Reapply a small amount of Dressed Out to the part of the tire that was closet to the ground prior to tire rotation. 
Let it dry completely!

You did it!


Use Revivify to touch up your rim face & barrel after they have been cleaned. Revivify will enhance the close and add protection!
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